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Stretch film for wrapping, protection, security and identification

Welcome to Microwrapfilms, the stretch wrap division of Vale Pack Ltd and sister to the fantastic Boxtopia a manufacturer of custom boxes, specialising in the supply of any quantity of bespoke corrugated cardboard boxes (plain, printed, die cut and coloured).

We guarantee our quality, so you know you won't be wasting your valuable time handling complaints. We are an established, ethical company with high standards of quality and performance, so you know that you will get exactly what you order, and we won't make a promise we cannot keep.
Peace of mind - we use tried and trusted hauliers to ensure your product arrives safely and on time; we can ensure your products will be protected from dust (and to a lesser extent water when applied correctly) and with our superb load stabilization your products will arrive as if they just left your factory - which means you do not have to worry.
Our pre-stretched wrap gives you cost savings of 30% too.

These are just some of the benefits we can offer. Our aim is to be the best at what we do, so that we can make life as easy as possible for you. Click on our website to see how we can do this.